Pain Management


Dr Carter is consider a Primary Care Provider in the State of Oregon and has an unencumbered DEA license in good standing. She is committed to helping patients make informed choices around pain management treatment options and can assist in tapering people off of chronic opioid pain medications. She has advanced training in pharmacology and intimately understands how important it is to treat each person individually.

She has seen that pain is more than just a physical experience and that it can affect all 4 levels of a person: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Fortunately for her patients, Dr Carter has many tools to address the whole person.

Having worked in surgery and anesthesia for over 21 years, she is acutely aware of the multitude of therapies available for her patients including surgery and medication management to nutritional and botanical medicines. She continuously updates her training and refines her understanding of the available treatment options.


Dr. Gaby has advanced training in injection therapy for chronic pain conditions.

Trigger Point Injections


Manual Therapy including Naturopathic Manipulation Technique (NMT)


Low Dose Naltrexone