Meet the Doctor

Dr. Carter works as a primary care naturopathic physician who focuses on treating the whole person. She achieves this by primarily utilizing homeopathic medicine in conjunction with holistic counseling.  Dr. Carter has advanced training in both homeopathy and mindfulness-based counseling techniques on top of her naturopathic training in botanical and physical medicine, nutrition, minor surgery and conventional pharmaceutical interventions.


Dr. Gaby Carter, ND, CVT

Before attending NCNM, Dr. Carter had a career as a licensed veterinary technician and worked in surgery and anesthesia for 16 years. While attending NCNM, she found and fell head over heels for homeopathy and its healing capacity when she experienced first hand its ability to get her health back on track.

All patients are treated utilizing multiple naturopathic modalities, for each patient she employs homeopathy to affect true healing at the deepest core of their beings. She helps patients make lasting changes on their own terms.

Dr. Carter received her degree from Ohio University in Native American Cultural Development and her veterinary technician’s license from the State of Wisconsin. While attending NCNM, she focused on pediatrics, homeopathy and holistic counseling. Working as a medical student intern at Mercy and Wisdom Community Clinic and InAct Addictions Treatment Clinic were the highlights of Dr. Carter’s clinical education at NCNM. Having the experience of working with veterinary patients and their human companions has allowed Dr. Carter to witness true healing in all beings in of all stages of life.

Dr. Carter has over 27 years of medical experience and training that she continues to utilize with every patient interaction. She is currently working and clinics in Oregon and Washington.