Dr Gaby has a passion for treating patients through using the latest Regenerative Injection Therapies to help them achieve their best physical health. She obtained the highest level of professional injection training, incorporating real time hands on injection therapies with minimally invasive, cutting edge techniques. Using Regenerative Injection Therapies, targeted nutritional therapies, hormone balancing and other mind body techniques has proven indispensable tools for patients to achieve TRUE, enduring healing. 

Treating suffering and pain in her patients has been a life long passion that has brought many Regenerative Injection Therapies to the forefront of naturopathic practices. There are many NDs who have received training to perform these therapies as part of their clinical training but few have been given an opportunity to span several careers working in orthopedic medicine.  Having the over 28 years experience working in this area has afforded Dr Gaby with invaluable training and a clear eye for what works and what is a passing fad. 

Autologous (harvested from patient’s own blood) platelet rich plasma has shown to be the most beneficial treatments for degenerative joint disease and pain reduction. The identified reparative compounds in these injection therapies has been an effective alternative to surgery and joint replacement. Dr Gaby has had the privilege of working in veterinary medicine with these therapies long before they became available in alternative sports medicine and pain management 

Working in pain management for nearly three decades, she treats the whole person and has been able to offer trigger point injections, prolotherapy, sclerotherapy, PRP and stem cell injections. Recently having been trained to perform hormone pellet placement, P and O shots for reproductive health as well as aesthetic medicine for hair and facial rejuvenation for men and women,  Dr Gaby is assisting all of her patients to live their most fulfilling lives. 

“Physician heal thyself.” This motto has been the most important aspect of my education and training. There is no better way to understand how these methods are utilized then having received some of them myself. I am a huge proponent of understanding the therapies that I offer and can speak to the value that they have added to my life by way of improving function and reducing pain. 


Trigger Point Injections

Trigger points loosely described are “hyper-irritable” knots within skeletal muscle and / or fascia that are painful to the touch. They can really limit our movement, cause moderate to severe pain and can mimic other musculoskeletal conditions.  Trigger point injections are a combination of vitamins and pain relieving solutions (anesthetics) which are precisely delivered into these points of muscle tension. We use a series of injections to reduce pain and increase movement. TPI temporarily disrupts nerve signaling breaking  the cycle of pain. The lidocaine provides pain relief and the vitamins activate the immune system to clean up the cellular debris that is one of the components of the the muscle “knots”. 

Trigger point injections are more frequent in that we administer more of them more often. Usually 8-12 injections during a visit with 2-3 appointments per week. We highly recommend other treatments such as acupuncture, spinal and joint adjustments, physical therapy and massage to build on the injections’ benefits. We strive to identify and correct the cause of the trigger points while simultaneously relieving the nagging discomfort. Each person is different with the way that pain presents and together we will come up with individualized injection treatment plans to help you achieve your health goals.


Simply summarized, prolotherpay is a minimally invasive injection procedure that stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanism to repair chronically damaged tendons and ligaments. 

Prolotherapy comes from the term “proliferative” therapy and involves injecting different types of medical grade solutions into tender ligaments, tendons and near by joint spaces to promote an immune response. Inflammation is the first phase of tissue repair and stimulates the body’s release of growth factors. The injections jump start the wound-healing cascades in these weak / damaged connective tissues. The growth factors come from our innate immune system and naturally helps our own new cells to repair the damage. Since prolotherapy stimulate the body’s self healing mechanism to improve structure and function of the ligaments and tendons, it is consider a safe, low-risk alternative to other invasive procedures such as surgery. 

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma is a type of prolotherapy whereby the patient’s own cells are used to create a concentrated solution of immune cells, growth factors and enzymes. When injected into and around a joint space, the cells promote important tissue repair and ultimately self directed healing. One of the most important parts of PRP prolotherapy is the natural recruitment of stem cells into the area. Stem cells promote collagen development which in turn helps with remodeling of damaged tissues to a healthier state. PRP is an excellent non surgical option for acute and chronic orthopedic injuries as well as aesthetic medicine. Using our own naturally derived and innate cellular responses to improve function, reduce pain and provide a sense of wholeness.  PRP is an excellent and safe option for patients to reach their lifestyle goals.