As anyone currently living with blood sugar problems (pre-diabetes, Type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, low blood sugar) knows, getting accurate information to make educated choices around treatment options can be challenging. As a licensed Naturopathic Physician and Certified Diabetic Educator, Dr Gaby is uniquely qualified to provide detailed information and help guide patients in achieving their health goals. 

Dr Gaby has been trained to work closely with patients in understanding the root causes of their disease. She works with each patient directly and provides a multitude of options to assist them in taking charge of their health. 

She is committed to working with individuals wherever they “are” in the process and helps them achieve success on their own terms. 

Dr Gaby understands how conventional providers manage diabetes and uses her advanced training to optimize medical therapies as well as provide alternative treatment options. She combines the best of both, conventional and alternative, worlds and is committed to your success. 


Treatments Include: 

Medication prescribing and management

At home glucose monitoring/continuous glucose monitoring

Nutritional Medicine

Diet and menu planning

Lifestyle medicine - sleep, movement and stress management

Botanical and supplemental options

Appropriate specialist referral(s)

Personal attention with cultural sensitivity

Trauma Informed Care