Community Health

Naturopathic Community Health +  Patient Centered Primary Care

We are all members of many overlapping communities and it has been my honor to help these multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, low income, uninsured and underinsured individuals to receive access to quality health care in a reassuring and culturally sensitive manner.


My mission is to provide high quality and compassionate healthcare to the people of Portland who are underserved (uninsured and underinsured) regardless of race, color, ethnicity, cultural identity, gender, sexual orientation, geographic residency or legal status. High quality health care is a right not a privilege and it is also my mission to deliver to the best of my training, time and ability an opportunity to access holistic medical services.


To live one’s best life, we need to address all aspects of a person’s being: mental, emotional, physical and even sometimes spiritual. To achieve a stable life, one must  begin with good physical and mental health, and freedom from addictions. We are a stronger community of individuals that rely on one another to help see us through. I am here to offer my services to my community to achieve these goals.



Services Offered:

Health Education

Disease Prevention

Chronic Disease Management

Check Ups and Physicals

Screening Exams

Homeopathic Consultations

Nutritional Counseling

Alternatives to surgery and pharmaceutical management